THE BOX. Massive high gain distortion.

THE BOX is a high gain distortion pedal with two independent circuits and different sound modes CLASSIC AND VIKING.
CLASSIC MODE with the toggle switch  down  gives to us a  crunchy and dynamic   type of distortion that resembles the British tones from blues to heavy metal
VIKING MODE with the toggle switch up can be a fat and dense overdrive at low gain levels or punchy, nasty and chuggy distortion with the control after 12 o’clock, ideal for heavy metal and extreme metal.
The 3 Band EQ is shared with the two channels  and it is really active to get almost  any type of sound.


  • Original circuit design
  • True Bypass
  • 2.1 power jack. 9V to 18V DC
  • Maximum consumption 10mA
  • 1Mohm input impedance
  • High quality film components
  • Polarity inversion protection
  • High durability powder coat finish
  • 2 years warranty
  • Handmade in Spain