SMOKIN’ BOOST. Overdrive+ Dual booster

This pedal is part of our signature line and developed under specifications of theĀ  Spanish guitarist Sergio Sancho.

It has 3 organicĀ  channels in a compact box with tons of textures.

At right a super versatile overdrive /distortion gives you thick, warm tones to sharp and intense distortions.
With Bass and Treble EQ for more flexibility

On the left two separate clean boosters Soft or Bright that can be selected with the toggle switch.

The A/B-B/A swith allows you to change the order of two channels

As added option to Overdrive channel, internally this pedal has a micro trim potentiometer to control the OVERALL GAIN, and choose how much drive we need in the drive section. This makes it usable for almost any style up to intense high gain hard rock.

The SMOKIN’ BOOST originally was designed to work in conjunction with more pedals and get the maximum number of sonic textures, but in the process we have discovered that can be used perfectly as a pedal solo on any amp, clean or dirty.
Sergio Sancho

Sergio Sancho

Guitarist and Composer


  • Original circuit design
  • True Bypass
  • 2.1 power jack. 9V -18V DC
  • Maximum consumption 15 mA
  • 1Mohm input impedance
  • High quality film components
  • Polarity inversion protection
  • High durability powder coat finish
  • 2 years warranty
  • Handmade in Spain