tube angel title

Almost 4 years after our first model (LOCO BOOST) was created, we have decided to honor it and its really good characteristics creating a new version with improved features and all the sonic advantages of real tube tecnology.

And… why not to create a full system powered by tubes  in a little box that you can hold in the palm of your hand?

This is the new LOCO BOOST TUBE ANGEL , the first born of our TUBE VALVE LINE.

This model gives all of its sound from a small preamp N.O.S. tube powered at high voltage tensions (250V) getting the same dynamics and tonal response of a tube preamp.

All the components of the valve core are the same ones that should be used in high voltage guitar amplifiers and because of that… its sound is BIG!!!

The TUBE ANGEL is a booster with two modes.
The first one, CLEAN,  a warm and clean boost of 40 dB.

The second, DIRTY, is a boost with a gain control Which allows to go from completely clean to slightly saturated.
This mode adds enough grain and push to put any amp on rich overdriven tones or on wild saturations over a crunch channel.

The two modes shares the same knob for tone/presence with different respones on every mode.

The LOCO BOOST TUBE ANGEL is probably the most elastic, powerful and best sounding booster that we have created.


  • Real tube valve technology
  • Ultra silent relay bypass switching.
  • 2.1 power jack. 9V to 12V DC
  • 250V High voltage inside conversion.
  • Maximum consumption 500mA
  • 1Mohm input impedance 5k output impedance.
  • Maximum temperature: 40ºCentigrades.
  • N.O.S. Tubes inside.
  • Up to 5000 hours of use without tube replacement.
  • High quality film components
  • High durability powder coat finish
  • 2 years warranty
  • Handmade in Spain

COMING SOON Audio and video demos by Abel Franco.