ITALIANO DIABLO. Overdrive + Clean Booster.

This pedal is one of our signature line models.

Created under the specifications of Antonio Bernardini (Sôber) and looking for a fat and transparent overdrive to use in combination with distorted channels for more punch and growl, alone for crunch rhythms with delays or as a clean booster to push clean channels into overdrive.

This model is buffered bypass to preserve all the tonal characteristics of Antonio’s sound even using long cables or big effect paths on the loop section of the amplifier.

There is a DROP version of this pedal suited for Bass and guitars with low tunings or more than 6 strings.



  • Original circuit design
  • Ultra Transparent Buffered Bypass
  • 2.1 power jack. 9V DC
  • Maximum consumption 25 mA
  • 1Mohm input impedance
  • High quality film components
  • Polarity inversion protection
  • High durability powder coat finish
  • 2 years warranty
  • Handmade in Spain
Antonio Bernardini

Antonio Bernardini