• Original circuit design
  • Ultra transparent buffered bypass
  • 2.1 power jack. 9V to 12V DC
  • Maximum power consumption 17 mA
  • 1Mohm input impedance
  • High quality film components
  • Polarity inversion protection
  • High durability powder coat finish
  • 2 years warranty
  • Handmade in Spain


The Good Stuff overdrive/distortion is a really powerful sonic tool for the guitarist.

This guitar pedal has been developed with the mind concept “all in one”, to provide solid crunch ryhthm sounds or full,¬† fat and organic soloist tones.
With new design concepts and taking the best characteristics of all our overdrives, we have added specific features to keep the punch of sound and dynamic presence even at any gain level.

No matters what type of guitar you use, sounds fantastic with single coils or humbuckers… solid, semihollow or hollow body, the sound of your fingers and your instrument will be ever present!!

Because its sensible adjustment controls can achieve tones witch resembles the old American Dumble or British AC sounds.

It has two modes of operation.
The first one (right footswitch button) gives sounds from slighty coloured overdrives to fat crunch killer tones. With a BODY control to ajdust the fatness of the sound and not loose the bass at low gain levels.

The second mode (left footswitch button) is the solo version of the first mode with the same tonal character but more grain and saturation, independent output level to boost or cut the signal and a EDGE control to tame the upper highs.

Inside  it has 2 more controls.
MODERN/VINTAGE SWITCH. A red switch selector in the upper right corner of the PCB to choose between creamy and fat or modern, bright and punch lead channel.
CHARACTER: A little trim potentiometer to adjust the thickness and density of solo mode.
This pedal is perfect for use over a clean amp and create your own crunch and lead sound but is designed to use it over a saturated amp channel as a dirt boost to achieve high gain sounds.

Can be powered from 9 to 12 Volts and internally works at high voltage levels to achieve lots of headroom and organic sound feel.


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